If you have served your country as a member of the armed forces, you have a right to seek benefits through the VA for any disability you sustained during that time. These benefits might be available to you, but the claims process can be difficult without the guidance of a well-practiced attorney.

There are numerous pitfalls that can come with pursuing a claim for benefits on your own. A minor error could delay your recovery or even cost you your chance at securing disability benefits. A Huntington veterans disability claims lawyer could advise you during every step of the process to avoid these critical mistakes.

Filing for Disability Benefits Through the VA

There are different ways for a veteran to file for benefits through the VA. These requests can be made at any point, as there is no deadline for filing a claim for disability benefits. A Huntington veterans attorney could assist with the disability claims process.

One of the simplest ways to seek benefits through the VA is by submitting an application through the electronic system known as eBenefits. Alternatively, a claim can be filed at the appropriate VA Regional Office. This is done by filing a document called the VA Form 21-526ez.

Intent to File

There is another option for pursuing disability benefits that does not involve immediately filing a claim. This is through a process known as Intent to File, or ITF. ITF allows a veteran to place the government on notice that they intend to file a disability claim.

The ITF process is valuable because it gives a veteran the opportunity to preserve the earliest effective date possible for benefits. While there is no formal deadline to file for benefits, a veteran can only receive back pay from the effective date of the claim. That means if it takes weeks or months to put together the claim information, that delay could result in missed benefits. Once a veteran qualifies for disability, they could obtain benefits back to the date the ITF was filed.

The Fully Developed Claims

There is also a voluntary program known as the Fully Developed Claims program. Also known as FDC, this program offers veterans an expedited path to benefits by allowing them to file all the evidence they have while certifying they have no more evidence to support their case. This allows for an expedited process but limits the ability to supplement a claim.

Denied Veterans Disability Claims in Huntington

Denied claims are an unfortunate reality for many veterans. Despite clear evidence of a disability, there are countless reasons why the VA might reject a claim. A knowledgeable attorney in the community could assist with a rejected veterans disability claim by filing an appeal. Some common grounds for denial include:

  • Lack of medical records
  • Failure to attend exam
  • Failure to comply with requests
  • Lack of service-connected event
  • No proof of disability

Talk to a Huntington Veterans Disability Claims Attorney for Help

There might not be a deadline to file for veterans disability benefits, but that does not mean a delay will work in your favor. Waiting to file a claim could limit the total benefits available to you.

Working with a Huntington veterans disability claims lawyer could give you the best chance at obtaining maximum benefits. To get started with your claim, reach out right away for a confidential consultation.

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