Why is a C&P Exam Important for my VA Disability Claim?

Any Veteran who has filed a claim for VA Disability compensation is very familiar with the long list of abbreviations used by the VA for forms and procedures. A C&P exam is often at the top of that list, but you may not be aware of what it is, or how important it C&P Exam is to your VA Disability Claim.

A C&P (Compensation and Pension) Exam is scheduled by the VA after you have filed a claim for service connected benefits or when filing for an increase in a service connected disability. It is the job of the VA to schedule this exam to see if this disability is related to your time on active duty and to what degree it affects your life. Each disability will be evaluated by a separate C&P exam.

It is very important to attend all C&P exams that are scheduled by the VA. If you are unable to attend you will need to call the VA and reschedule this exam. If you do not show up for the exam, the VA will most likely deny your claim or continue the current rating percentage. These exams are usually performed quickly. For example, if you have a C&P exam for an issue on your knee, your knee is the only thing that will be evaluated during the exam.   Make sure to be truthful when answering all questions at your C&P exam.

Please remember that C&P exams are very important in the VA being able to make a decision on your claims. Make it a point to go to each and every exam that is scheduled. (There may be several).

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