Who Qualifies for Individual Unemployability?

VA April – Who Qualifies for Individual Unemployability?

Individual Unemployability IU is a part of the veterans’ disability compensation program that allows certain veterans to receive compensation at the 100 percent disability rate, even though their disabilities haven’t been rated at 100 percent.

However, if a veteran doesn’t meet these the rating requirements, they may qualify on an “extraschedular” basis. Specifically, they might qualify if they can demonstrate that the rating the VA has assigned to their disabilities doesn’t accurately reflect the degree to which their disability impairs their daily life.

Additionally, in some cases, veterans with marginal employment or who work in a protected work environment can continue to work while receiving IU. To explain, marginal employment refers to a job that does not pay enough to put the veteran over the poverty line. And the term “protected work environment” refers to situations when an employer makes special accommodations to facilitate the veteran’s ability to work.

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