Who knows more (About VA Claims): Doctors or Attorneys?

Do doctors really know it all? I’d like to think that when it comes to practicing medicine they do. However, I was a little put off last time I saw my physician. When asking him about changing my medication, he pulled out an iPhone and started doing research. Whatever he Googled seemed to work though so I can’t be too upset. One area that most doctors aren’t familiar with is the VA Disability Process.

More often than not we have clients say something like “I just got back from the VA and my doctor said that not only am I 100%, I should also hear something back next month!”  That doctor must have magic powers or the ability to see into the future, because the people who make those decisions are called Decision Review Officers. We understand that a lot of our clients believe this because they trust their doctors. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the Medical side of the VA and the Administrative side are two separate entities. Doctors, and those who work for the hospitals, are medical professionals, and they don’t really have any interaction with your disability claim. On the other side, the administrative side, you have Decision Review Officers, and other people who will review your file and possibly see you during a hearing.  These people would never give you medical advice.

The Doctors often mean well when they give you advice for your claim, or say that you are likely going to get a decision back soon. However, they are not as familiar with the Disability Process as those who work for the administrative side of the VA. Think of it like this: I am a blog writer. If you want advice on how to optimize your online search results, I am your guy. However, just because I work for a law firm, doesn’t mean I should represent you in a class action lawsuit.

So, what if you go to the VA for an appointment and your medical professional tells you to be expecting a decision soon? The easiest thing to do is ask the professional how they came to that decision. If there answer just seems like a general response, it would be best to contact the VA and ask about your case. However, the best thing to do is hire legal representation who can keep you up to date with your claim. To learn more about the services we offer, or to get a free consultation, give our office a call today. Our toll free number is 1-877-526-3457, or you can request a call by filling out our online form here.


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