What is New and Material Evidence in a VA Disability Claim?

When reopening a previously denied or closed claim, a Veteran must submit what is called New and Material Evidence (NME). New and material evidence may be submitted at any time between filing a claim and when the VA renders a decision. This includes documents from medical records to statements in support of a claim. But what exactly constitutes “new” and “material”?

The VA defines “new” just as it sounds – something not previously sent to validate open claims. “Material” refers to that which demonstrates what has not been established or corresponds with previously submitted evidence in terms of substantiating a Veteran’s medical condition(s).

Many claims close due to lack of New and Material Evidence (NME). Veterans may not fulfill the requirements by submitting redundant or irrelevant evidence. That is where Jan Dils Attorneys at Law comes in. Our firm carefully reviews all records pertaining to a Veteran’s case and can reopen claims in which a timely NOD has not been filed by submitting New and Material Evidence.

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