VA SOC: What is an Statement of the Case (SOC)?

What is a Statement of the Case (SOC)?

VA SOC: What is a Statement of the Case? - Fight4Vets

In the legal process of VA Disability Compensation, you may hear the term “Statement of the Case,” and are probably wondering what that means. In your legal timeline, a Statement of the Case or SOC comes after your “Notice of Disagreement.” Once your Notice of Disagreement is filed through the VA, they will make a decision. (This will often occur several months later.) This decision is referred to as a Statement of the Case.

So, now we know when it comes, but we still have to decide what it is in regards to your claim for VA Disability Compensation. Essentially a Statement of the Case is a decision. However, this decision is a little more detailed than your initial decision you received from the VA. The VA SOC will explain in detail why you were denied for your disability. They will often quote specific statues and use legal terms to explain why they denied your claim. It can be, and most often is a very confusing form. They also tend to be quite lengthy.


Unlike a NOD, a Veteran only has sixty (60) days to file the next form of appeal, which is referred to as a VA Form 9. The sixty days starts on the date on the VA SOC, not from the time a Veteran receives the document.


Interpreting a Statement of the Case can be difficult, that is why so many Veterans seek the legal help of attorneys like the ones at Jan Dils Attorney sat Law. We have the people, knowledge, and resources to help you get the benefits you deserve. For a free phone consultation, give us a call at 1-877-526-3457.
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