What is a DRO Hearing?

After filing a notice of disagreement you may be asking yourself,  “What about a hearing? “DRO Hearing

You may ask for a DRO hearing after filing the notice of disagreement at your local regional office. DRO stands for decision review officer. Often, some regional offices will schedule a DRO video hearing at a VA Medical Center closest to you. This is where the decision review officer will be in the regional office and you and your representative will be at the Medical Center.

A DRO hearing is a get together with a decision review officer where you can talk about your claim(s) to state your side of the story. A DRO hearing is nothing like you see inthe movies. There is no jury. Normally, it is just you, the DRO, and your representative, if you have one. Along with a representative, you may bring a witness if you wish. Also, this is the time to present any new evidence. Your representative, and possibly the decision review officer, will ask you questions to present recognition and insight to your distinctive situation.  The VA will not reimburse mileage for hearings.

If you need help filing for a DRO hearing or have more questions about requesting a DRO hearing, please contact our office at 1-877-838-3726. Or use our online contact form.

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