What Evidence Will I Need to Support a VA Disability Claim

What Evidence Will I Need to Support a VA Disability Claim?

You may be aware that in order to receive Veterans disability benefits, you’ll need to prove your claimed disability is the result of your time in service. But how exactly do you go about proving that?

What kind of evidence will you need?

First, you’ll need your medical records. This is likely to be the most important portion of the evidence you present and should include records from all medical practitioners – general practitioners and specialists – you’ve seen who have treated your condition(s). When you visit your doctor, it’s important to let them know about any and all symptoms you’re experiencing that can in any way relate to your disability. You may think there isn’t a connection between a particular symptom and your disability, or you may be reluctant to “complain.” But the fact of the matter is, having it on record that you are experiencing that symptom can go a long way toward helping you get approved to receive disability benefits. And as long as you’re being truthful about what you’re experiencing, it certainly does not amount to “complaining.” It’s merely being honest.

It’s important to note that you will want to provide all VA medical records as well as private records.

Finally, in addition to medical records, you may present supporting statements from people who are close to you and/or know the details of your situation. This can include family members, friends, clergy members, law enforcement personnel, or people with whom you served. These should be individuals who can explain more about your condition, what caused it, or how it has worsened.

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