Veterans’ Disability and Taxes

If you are a veteran receiving disability benefits, you may need clarification on filing federal va disability income tax. Common questions arise about what to claim, where to claim it on the forms and whether you have to file at all. Each person’s circumstances vary, and consequently, answers can vary.

Here are three recommendations we’ve learned about filing for taxes in our experience working with veterans:

Are veterans disability benefits taxable income?  NO !!!!!

Remember that Veterans’ Disability Benefits are non-taxable income. You do not have to file a federal tax return if this is your only form of income. If you are married and have a working spouse, you must file a joint tax form, but should not add the disability income to your gross income.

You have stimulus payments then do  federal tax filing

Always research all federal tax changes that may apply to your circumstances. Air Force and all military veterans have been allowed stimulus payments in the past for qualifying family members. These stimulus packages often require a federal tax filing even if you have not had to file in the past.

Remeber to file a federal tax return to qualify and receive proper payments.

Some state and city income tax laws help veterans with utilities and other credits. If this is the case for your state or city, you will need to file a federal tax return to qualify and receive proper payments.

Taxes are never simple and so Veterans disability Tax . Whether you are an Air Force veteran or from another branch of the military, it’s important to ensure you are receiving all the benefits available to you through the VA and other federal and state programs.

If you are a disabled veteran who would like to approach your Veterans disability Taxes with confidence or believe you may be eligible for benefits on the basis of a service-related disability, contact an experienced attorney at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law “VA Lawyer” , today by calling toll-free 1-877-Veteran (877-526-3455) or clicking here.


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