Veterans Disability Lawyer Offers Legal Services for PTSD-Stricken Vets

Serving in any war can be a harrowing that leaves physical and emotional scars even time may not fully heal. The sad reality is that while some veterans eventually overcome the trauma they’ve experienced in the course of their service, others are not so fortunate and are driven to desperation. According to Daily Call contributor Jonah Bennett, a recent legislation that addresses the prevention of veteran suicides has been moved forward, in a rare bipartisan move.


The legislation, called the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, was named after an Iraq war veteran who killed himself back in 2011 after a bad bout of PTSD and an uncooperative, uncaring local Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. The Senate passed the bill on Monday, hoping that it speeds through the Senate Committee on Wednesday before Christmas break hits for Congress.

Under the aforementioned bill, the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) method of preventing veteran suicides will be subjected to review by independent outfits who can recommend further action or improvements.

Dealing with PTSD states that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be diagnosed not only in patients who show suicidal tendencies but also in people who suffer from anxiety-related disorders. These include bipolar disorder, manic depression, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorders.

Among veterans, such symptoms can be attributed to their experiences during the war, specifically memories that leave them unable to function properly. Fortunately, war veterans and who are suffering the effects of this disorder can enlist the services of a tenacious veterans disability lawyer, like someone from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, to obtain the compensation and benefits they are entitled to receive.

It is certainly commendable that legislators see fit to act and return the favor to the service men and women who have served their country so bravely. The fact remains, however, that not all soldiers who return from war wounded or disabled get compensated right away. After disclosing the benefits available to war veterans and their families, experienced veterans disability lawyers will neither relent nor take any payment unless and until clients are able to get the benefits denied to them.

(Source: Bipartisan Senate Effort Passes Legislation To Stop Veteran Suicides, Daily Caller, November 18, 2014)

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