The New VA Bill: Only Half the Good News

Here’s some good news for veterans—President Obama is set to sign a bill that aims to revamp the Department of Veteran Affairs. A development welcomed by many, the bill is an important step forward for those who have bravely served the country because it’s going to give them the respect and freedom of choice that they deserve.

President Barack Obama on Thursday will head to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where he will sign a bill to overhaul the Veterans Affairs Department. Congress last week overwhelmingly approved the measure.

“This new legislation that passed Congress with strong bipartisan support will put in reforms and needed additional resources to meet the high standard of service our veterans have earned,” White house spokesman Josh Earnest said during a press co

The conference committee bill sailed through the House by a vote of 420 to five and the Senate by a margin of 93 to three.

The $16.3 billion measure expands community healthcare options for veterans who face long wait times and commutes; funds the hiring of more doctors, nurses and other health-care workers; and improves accountability by making it easier for the agency secretary to fire executives.

For too long, many of the country’s veterans have been subjected to traveling long distances and waiting in long queues in order to receive care. What the new bill does is give veterans the authority to go to a private provider nearby where they can receive the prompt and efficient care they need. The bill also includes provisions that will allow the VA secretary to remove from office those who have engaged in misconduct or simply aren’t doing their jobs.

For many veterans however, the signing of the new legislation is only half the good news as they have to worry about qualifying for veterans disability benefits first. If you or a loved one has been denied before, then you know how hard the process can be. You should know: the reason that veteran’s benefits applications are often denied is because they miss out on the correct procedures and requirements because they didn’t seek the help of a skilled veterans disability attorney.

So many benefit claims to Veterans Affairs are backlogged, reduced, or unjustly denied. It is imperative that you talk to a disability benefits lawyer immediately should you encounter any of these problems with your application. Don’t worry about what you have to pay upfront—lawyers at a reputable disability law firm like Fight 4 Vets will evaluate your case at no cost or obligation.

(Source: Obama to Sign VA Reform Bill on Thursday,, Aug. 4, 2014)

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