How a Veteran’s Disability Attorney Can Help You Beat the Claims Backlog

Military personnel and veterans with service-connected medical conditions may be eligible for Veterans Disability Benefits. But according to a report inThe Washington Post, there are 344,000 claims that have exceeded the 125-day approval window.

While the backlog has experienced a decrease compared to previous years, some authorities believe the recent numbers aren’t accurate and have been manipulated. American Legion officials released reports documenting that 55 percent of cases reviewed contained errors. Additional data shows that cases going before appeal have increased by 50 percent since President Obama took office.

So, what can you do to expedite your claim? In our experience, legal representation will allow your case to be thoroughly reviewed before it’s submitted so every base is covered and all necessary paperwork and documentation are included. This expertise can help you avoid a denial, making sure deadlines are met and all supporting evidence is compiled to make your case the strongest it can be.

If you think you may be eligible for disability benefits, or if you disagree with the VA’s decision about your claim, contact the experienced staff of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law today. We advocate for veterans at every step in the application and appeals process and are experienced at avoiding roadblocks that delay the process.

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