Veterans Can Get Health Benefits with a Competent Attorney’s Help

Very few people emerge from war totally unchanged or unscathed. Soldiers returning from the battlefield, for instance, have both physical and emotional scars to deal with—things that can severely hinder them from functioning well upon their return.

In fact, West Virginia Public Broadcasting recently interviewed journalist David Wood who told them that modern veterans coming back from their campaigns often stress about their morals being tested to such great lengths. Some experiences affect soldiers so profoundly, they have to grapple with fundamental questions of right vs wrong:

We have widely described veterans as suffering from PTSD – posttraumatic stress syndrome – there are people who do suffer from PTSD. But I think that almost everyone who returns from war has suffered some kind of moral injury. And I do not mean by that that they have done something wrong, only that they have seen or experienced things which violate their own sense of who they are, their own sense of right and wrong, their own sort of moral compass.

Public News Service also adds that approximately half of military veterans, regardless of age, incur various degrees of PTSD after returning from war. As such, the article also states that those who have incurred trauma can be helped by having them talk about their experiences with professional psychologists, rather than bottling up all that latent emotional stress.

In that regard, families of veterans who served in the army and are showing signs of PTSD or depression can seek legal help from a capable veterans disability attorney—such as someone from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, for instance—who will not surrender until they get the benefits they are entitled to. Such an attorney are well-versed in helping war veterans get the reparation for trauma-related cases, be it physical or psychological.

After proving that emotional stress has been sustained during the course of the veteran’s service in the military, a skilled attorney would push through with the case to the respective courts. Usually, such cases are centered on granting veterans and their families access to legally mandated veterans’ health benefits such as housing, financial assistance, employment, and education, among other things.

The brave men and women who serve in the military put duty above everything else. Consequently, many of them pay a high physical and emotional toll, and suffer blows that shake the very fiber of their being. A veterans disability lawyer helps ensure that military service men and women who suffer any form of injury are properly compensated for their service.

(Source: Moral Injury Is The ‘Signature Wound’ Of Today’s Veterans,, November 12, 2014)

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