Veterans’ Aid and Attendance Improved Pension Benefits

American veterans may not be aware of an important benefit offered to them. As part of an Improved Pension Benefit, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers Aid and Attendance for veterans and surviving spouses who need the attendance of another person to assist with daily necessities.

These necessities include eating, bathing, dressing and undressing, administering of medicine or going to the restroom. Veterans and their spouses can receive monetary benefits to pay for this assistance. Persons that qualify can live in their private home, a nursing home or an assisted-living home.

This benefit is often overlooked by family members who are seeking care for a veteran or spouse. The additional money can go a long way in helping pay for care for an aging parent or loved one. It is also commonly overlooked because caretakers falsely assume that the veteran must have previously qualified for service-related disability benefit. The Aid and Attendance benefit can be offered to any ailing veteran or spouse.

  • A single veteran can receive up to $1,704 per month
  • A single surviving spouse can receive up to $1,094 per month
  • A veteran and spouse together can receive up to $2,020 per month
  • A veteran caring for an ailing spouse can receive up to $1,388 per month (if medical expenses deplete their combined monthly income)

The first two tiers of the VA’s Improved Pension are referred to as Basic and Housebound. The Aid and Attendance Benefit is the third tier. The Improved Pension is not a new benefit; it is just one of the most under-utilized benefits offered to veterans.

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