Veterans Administration New Website

Veterans Administration New Website

A good website is essential to any good business. Websites often make the first impression on a new customer. So with today’s high expectations for websites it would make sense for a company with millions of customers to invest in a high quality, easy to use site. Sadly, the Veteran’s Administration is just now realizing their need for a website overhaul.

The VA recently announced they will begin the process of restructuring their online presence. The current system is an endless maze of unhelpful websites and phone numbers. There are an estimated 1,000 different websites already in existence that are intended to help direct veterans to the proper places to apply for benefits. On one of these sites, it takes vets 17 clicks to get to a page they have to print out and then mail in to start the process of applying for benefits.

Under this new plan, all 1,000 sites will be streamlined through a single online portal. This new portal will be a one stop shop for vets looking for benefits. The new website will be accompanied by a new 1-800 number that will ideally simplify a complicated network of different call centers.

The VA website changes are planned to launch November 11, but the secure log-in features required for vets to safely enter their personal information will not be active for another year.

Until that time using a qualified lawyer is the best course of action for vets seeking VA benefits. Jan Dils has been working with the VA to help vets get the disability benefits they deserve. If you have questions about VA disability benefits, call our firm today.

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