Veteran PTSD Statistics

Veteran PTSD Statistics

Each year, Veteran post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) statistics show more and more Vets suffer from this debilitating disorder. Every year, suicide statistics increase among Veterans.


  • Estimates now show that more than 30% of Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan deal with PTSD.


  • In comparison, estimates show that only 7-8% of the general civilian population suffers from PTSD


  • 50% or more of those who suffer do not seek treatment.


It is difficult for some Veterans to admit that they have been wounded psychologically. Physical wounds are expected in the military and are sometimes even a symbol of success for our Veterans.

Problems with your mind can have a negative stigma attached. The first step in improving from PTSD is to seek help. Without assistance and coping skills, PTSD can be a life-long struggle and can worsen.


Types of Help for PTSD


  • West Virginia Veterans Association, and all VAs across the country, offer free counseling and therapy help for PTSD. The VA conducts many studies to develop new ways to help victims of PTSD. Most VA employs have military experience and know first-hand what you have faced. The VA has services to help family members as well.


  • Neurofeedback treatment has increased as a streamlined therapy for PTSD as research shows just how well patients respond with this type of treatment. This newer treatment allows Vets to have sensors placed on his or her scalp to read brain activity. Through computer programs, the patient plays games with only his or her mind as the controller. The programs rewire the brain to allow better coping with trauma. For a Vet who doesn’t want to talk about his or her trauma, neurofeedback is revolutionary and effective.


  • Seeking help from medical professionals is always advised with PTSD. With the professional help, studies have shown that adding meditation, exercise or yoga to your daily regimen can also help lessen the effects of PTSD.


West Virginia Post-Traumatic Stress Attorney

If you or a loved one shows signs of PTSD, seek help. Our Veterans should not suffer alone or in silence. Veterans’ benefits are available, and can offer financial assistance to help relieve the stress of daily bills.

Our West Virginia post-traumatic stress attorneys at Fight4Vets want to ensure you get the help you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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