Veteran Fights for Free Parking and Win

In Florida the law states that disabled veterans are allowed to park at airports for free. When Lou Hockel, a disabled veteran, caught wind of this law he was excited, and a little skeptical. He was planning on flying out of Tampa International Airport to go see his grandkids, so he called the airport to confirm the free parking.

He didn’t get a definitive answer when he called, but he did get an email a few days later. This email was from an attorney representing the airport. Here’s what the attorney had to say.

“We are not a state agency, county, municipality or any agency thereof and thus we are not subject to the language you cited from Florida Statute 320.084.”

Hockel, a bit frustrated by this email, started calling other airports in Florida to see what their policy is on free parking for disabled veterans. As it turns out, every airport he called said they comply with the law and allow disabled veterans to park for free.

Eventually, Hockel got in contact with Florida State Senator Nancy Detert. Together they were able to write a new law that cleared up any confusion surrounding the old law. This new law was passed in state Congress and now just needs the Governor’s signature.

Although free parking is by no means the biggest battle disabled veterans face, this story is a great example of what happens when a determined veteran gets teamed up with the right person. Hockel teamed up with Detert to get the law changed, and veterans all over West Virginia can team up with Jan Dils Attorneys at Law to get veterans disability benefits.



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