VA Formulating Plan for Unused Facilities

In their ongoing effort to improve care for veterans, VA officials have been doing some investigating regarding their facilities—and don’t like what they see.

The department has 336 buildings across the nation that are over 50% vacant. This includes a significant portion that are no longer in use at all. Yet these facilities rack up over $24 million each year in maintenance costs.

Additionally, the VA found a staggering need for upgraded technology and renovations; approximately 1300 facilities are over 70 years or older.

But to implement these much-needed changes, authorities would have to make some tough decisions. Jobs would be lost, veterans in some areas would have to travel farther distances for care and some congressional representatives would likely face backlash.

Lawmakers are investigating changes for the extra space that would improve efficiency without compromising the standard of veteran care—and without compromising faith in the system.

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