The VA Celebrates Millionth Claim of 2014

July marked the one-millionth claim processed this fiscal year by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). Since 2011, their initiative to improve veterans disability claims has improved speed and efficiency. In fact, officials believe they are on track to process another 1.3 million claims in the next five months with the goal to achieve 200,000 more claims than they did in 2013.

The VBA’s transformation to improve the claims process and reduce the margin of error was made with the ultimate goal of processing all claims within 125 days at a 98% accuracy level by 2015. The VBA’s current rate is 128 days with 91% accuracy.

This improvement can be pinpointed to the VA’s 2011 initiative, which implemented automated online claims, contracted data entry assistance, immediate income verification, automation of certain payments and pay adjustments, giving claim responsibilities to employees at the national call centers and hiring 200 temporary employees.

Even with the improvements made by these initiatives, there is still a margin for error that can cause complications in your veterans disability benefits claim. The experienced staff of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can help you address any issues with your claim and help you receive the benefits to which you’re entitled. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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