VA Benefits for Vets Living Abroad

While serving in the military and traveling from base to base, some veterans fall in love with another country or region of the world. Once they get discharged, some of these veterans actually choose to live abroad in one of their newly beloved countries.

Other veterans might live abroad because they work for an international company or a US embassy. Whatever the reason for living abroad, the VA still offers most benefits to veterans overseas.

As long as veterans are eligible they can still receive almost any monetary benefits, including disability compensation. When it comes to non-monetary benefits, things get a little harder.


Veterans seeking education in a foreign country can get their GI Bill and Montgomery GI Bill. When using benefits to get an education in a foreign country veterans need to get approval from the VA to make sure the educational institute meets their standards.

Health Care

Anytime a veteran living aboard wants the VA to pay for health care the Foreign Medical Program Office needs to approve it. This office will typically approve the cost if it is clearly medically necessary for the treatment of a service-connected disability or injury.

The Philippines

Veterans living in the philippines are eligible for all benefits except VA home loans. There are also benefits available for Commonwealth Army, Recognized Guerrillas, and New Philippine Scouts. Not all VA benefits are available to these veterans, but most benefits are.

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