Types of Disability Claims

What Are the Types of VA Disability Claims?

If you’re involved in or considering beginning the process of filing a Veterans Disability claim, it’s important to understand the different types of claims and which one you will be filing.


Original Claim

The initial claim is called the original claim. This is the very first claim that initiates the process of attempting to demonstrate you are eligible to receive benefits. It will outline the type of disability you have and how it is service-related. If you have between 90 and 180 days left of active duty, you may be able to file your original claim before you are discharged. In some cases, you may be able to file a claim for a disability that began after you were discharged if it is service-related.


Increased Claim

The next type of claim is called an increased claim. If you are already receiving benefits for your disability but your condition has worsened, you may be eligible to have your benefits increased. With this type of claim, you will submit updated medical records demonstrating that your condition has become more severe since the amount you receive in benefits was initially determined.


New Claim

Similarly, you may file what’s referred to as a new claim if your situation has changed and you need additional financial support due to service-related disabilities. For example, a shift to individual unemployability status may necessitate a new claim.


Secondary Service-connected Claim

You may also file a secondary service-connected claim. This is a claim to receive benefits for a secondary disability that’s connected to your primary, service-related disability. For example, if you’ve developed arthritis due to an injury sustained during active duty, you may wish to file this type of claim to receive additional benefits.


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