“Summer of Service” Initiative

This summer, the VA is conducting a “Summer of Service” initiative through its facilities across the nation in order to increase awareness of their progress in local communities and encourage residents to give back to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for their freedom.

The initiative will enlist the partnership of Congress, veterans’ organizations, local government, VA employees and other entities to supplement the VA’s services and discover new ways to help veterans. According to a press release issued by the VA, the primary goals for the Summer of Service are:

  • Increasing Volunteers: Committed to engaging with 100,000 volunteers to support care and benefits programs and local events.
  • Increasing Community Partners: Committed to expanding current agreements to provide services and support reaching more than 15,000 Veterans and family.
  • Recruiting Medical Professionals: Hiring clinicians and clinical support staff to further expand access to care and homelessness.
  • Congress: Host Congressional Members and Staffs at VA facilities across the country.

The VA hopes to achieve these goals by Labor Day. But the focus of this initiative isn’t just to build a pool of volunteers and partnerships; the hope is to also give individuals the chance to support veterans in other ways by exploring local VA career opportunities and spreading the word.

Despite improvements the VA continues to make, leaders recognize that partnering with local communities and other organizations will ultimately give our nation’s heroes the support and appreciation they deserve.

To learn more about the Summer of Service initiative, follow the hashtag #VASummerofService on social media platforms or visit http://www.va.gov/vasummerofservice/.

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