Proposed Changes within the Department of Veterans Affairs

As we have written about before, the government has been implementing measures to reduce the veterans’ disability backlog and improve the system on a national level. But it appears the problems with the system may require more effort to resolve.

When a veteran files a claim for disability benefits, he or she must undergo an assessment from a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) staff member. Typically, these staff members are licensed healthcare professionals. But experts believe this process and the ensuing paper trail for these assessments are jeopardizing the amount of time these staff members spend actually seeing patients.

According to the VA, last year, their staff conducted 2.1 million of these assessments with less than 180,000 coming from outside contractors. Some reports indicate that lawmakers are working on legislation that would ensure VA staff members spend the majority of their time seeing and treating injured veterans, passing the claim examinations to third-party organizations. But opponents believe keeping these assessments within the umbrella of the VA makes for a more streamlined – and consequently more effective – process.

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