Presidential Candidate Wants to Eliminate the VA

Presidential Candidate Wants to Eliminate the VA

Even though the 2016 presidential election is more than a year away the war of words has already begun. Bumper stickers have been stuck, the debates have started and yard signs have been planted. All in all it’s shaping up to be a very exciting and, some might say, long election season.

One candidate who recently made waves is Dr. Ben Carson. In a recent interview Dr. Carson said, “We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Affairs should be folded in under the Department of Defense.”

Although he made this comment in passing, veterans and government officials immediately condemned him for his position. Dr. Carson has yet to personally explain his reasoning or give a more detailed plan for the disposal of the veteran’s affairs office. However, his communication director did say if Carson is elected he will make this issue a top priority, but he is also open to other ideas and he wants to work with veterans to find a solution. This comes on the heels of Robert McDonald, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, claiming when he took office in 2014 that heads will roll and up to 1,000 VA officials could be fired. This threat was intended to purge the VA of problematic employees amid sharp criticism for the wait time vets experience to receive treatment.

It seems the VA could be in a state of constant change for the foreseeable future. Undoubtedly, these changes in policy and structure will have a direct effect on how vets apply and receive benefits. Due to these potential changes, if you’re a veteran who needs VA benefits it will be more vital than ever to have a friend who will fight for you. Attorney Jan Dils has the necessary experience to traverse any changes that may happen. Whether the VA is abolished, absorbed or downsized, she will always fight for vets.

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