When veterans are no longer able to maintain employment due to disabilities related to their active-duty military service, monthly benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) could help replace that lost income. Unfortunately, the VA denies many of these claims each year, even when an applicant’s disability actually qualifies.

If your application was denied, our dedicated VA disability attorneys can help keep your claim moving forward toward success. A denial letter does not have to be the end of your claim. You can file an appeal with the professional guidance of a Parkersburg veterans disability benefits denial lawyer to obtain the benefits you need.

Common Reasons for VA Benefit Denials

The VA may cite numerous grounds when issuing a denial. Understanding the reasons for a denial could put a veteran in a better position to file an effective appeal.

Incomplete Claim

One of the most common reasons for a VA benefits denial is incomplete information. An application that fails to establish the criteria for disability compensation will be denied. The VA may either request additional information or issue a denial on this basis, so it is best to include every piece of relevant supporting information in an initial application.

Lack of Medical Evidence

Proving a qualifying disability is central to a successful VA claim. If the VA determines that the evidence provided does not establish the existence of a disability, it will deny the claim. In other words, a veteran’s supporting evidence should adequately describe his or her condition.

Lack of Service Connection

Not every disability a veteran suffers will qualify for VA benefits. Only disabilities that result from an in-service incident will lead to an award of benefits. This requires a veteran to establish a direct connection between his or her injury and an incident that took place during his or her active-duty career.

Pre-Existing Conditions

The VA can deny a claim if it determines that the disability in question occurred prior to the claimant’s military service. However, benefits could be available if an in-service incident worsened a pre-existing condition.

The Right to File an Appeal in Parkersburg

There is a system for appealing both outright denials as well as inadequate disability ratings. While all VA claimants have the right to file an appeal, this right is not open-ended.

A veteran must appeal their denial with one year from the date the denial is issued – not from the date the veteran received notice of the denial. One of the VA disability benefits denial attorneys at our firm can explain the process and assist with filing an appeal in a timely manner.

Speak with a Parkersburg Veterans’ Disability Benefits Denial Attorney Today

While the high rate of denials might be daunting for some former servicemembers, many cases ultimately reach success after one or more appeals. If the VA denied your claim for disability compensation, the right attorney can help make things right through a well-crafted appeal.

Let our Parkersburg veterans’ disability benefits denial lawyers advise you of your rights and help you plan your next move. Call today to learn more.

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