Notifying the VA of a Change in Address

Failing to notify the VA of a change in address can jeopardize receiving your benefits in a timely manner. You could miss important correspondence and benefits checks if you do not take the proper measures to keep your VA file up to date.

Unfortunately, officially changing your address with the postal service or another Federal entity will not translate to the VA receiving the new information. Even if you change your address with a local VA office or healthcare facility, the authorities that deal with your benefits will not receive that information.

In order to ensure your information stays up to date, you can either send a letter to the VA or fill out VA Form 20-572 with your most recent information. However, the latter form is the most efficient method, according to the VA. Printable forms are available on the VA’s website, including an interactive PDF version. This or your letter should be mailed to the Regional Department of Veterans Affairs Office where your records are kept. A list of regional offices can be found here.

Please note that, if you retain legal representation, your attorney can take care of this for you.

Since it can take the VA time to process the change in address, having your mail forwarded can ensure you receive your benefits and other important correspondence in the meantime. Any inconveniences (such as missed bills) caused by your failure to notify the VA in a timely manner will not prompt them to reissue checks or expedite searches for lost mail. They will have to conduct their own investigations to determine what happened to the lost mail.

While we do not recommend taking a long time to notify the VA of your address change, the terms of your benefits and the amount you receive should not be affected during this process.

If you need help changing your address with the VA, or think you may be eligible for disability benefits on the basis of your service-related disability, call Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, today for a free consultation with an experienced veterans’ disability claims lawyer. Our experienced veterans’ disability attorneys can guide you through every step of the way — including making sure your personal information is kept up to date with the VA.

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