Your military service positively impacts all Americans by keeping our country safe and supporting others around the world. Your sacrifices deserve respect and you deserve assistance if you were injured from doing your job. When you are grappling with a physical or mental condition related to your military service, you may be entitled to tax-free disability payments from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Your claim must show a link between your disability and military service. You can file an Aggravation Claim, a Direct Service Claim, or a Presumptive Claim accompanied by specific documentation. To discuss your situation, consult a Marietta Veterans disability claims lawyer and learn how we can assist you.

The Basics of Filing a Disability Claim

To be eligible for benefits, Veterans must be injured or have fallen ill due to a service-related condition or accident. Physical conditions, mental conditions, and chronic conditions are all compensable in this system.

Disability claims for injured servicemembers are submitted on VA Form 21-526EZ, the Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits. The VA needs supporting evidence to ensure the disability is related to military service. This documentation can include:

  • Form DD214 discharge papers
  • A current record from a physician (private or military-supplied) that links your condition to military service or that shows how your pre-existing condition worsened during military service
  • Any medical records generated during military service
  • A letter from another Veteran who can corroborate the accident or event that triggered the disability; and testimony from family and friends concerning how the disability has affected you
  • Information garnered at a Compensation & Pension (C&P) examination the VA will schedule with its doctors, potentially at the Marietta Community Based Outpatient Clinic

It may take some time to gather the evidence the VA requires but you can submit an Intent to File Form that names an effective date for benefits to begin as long as the evidence and application are filed within a year of the Intent Form. A Veterans disability claims attorney in Marietta can provide further insight into what exactly the VA requires.

The Disability Rating

The VA will assign a disability rating once its administrators determine a Veteran’s disability is related to military service. The ratings range from 0 to 100 percent; but even with a zero rating, you may be entitled to healthcare or other benefits available for a prescribed amount of time. The percentage of disability is the primary factor in determining how much you receive in monthly payments.

The VA employs a Schedule of Rating Disabilities to assign diagnostic codes to specific body parts and then uses medical information to determine the current severity of your disability. With a disability rating of 30 percent or higher, your family is also eligible for some benefits.

Learn More From a Marietta Veterans’ Disability Claims Attorney

You may be entitled to U.S. military disability benefits if you were injured or became ill on active duty or have a pre-existing condition that was made worse by military service. If you are too ill or disabled to hold a full-time job, we may be able to help get you benefits that allow you to live in dignity after all you have sacrificed.

The VA claims process can be difficult to understand but do not let that deter you from seeing it through. The Fight4Vets team is here to assist you in this process and get you the disability benefits you need to live a full life. Schedule a free consultation today with a Marietta Veterans disability claims lawyer and let us advise you.

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