Let’s get real about the VA backlog

I like to be blunt as well as very honest in my everyday interaction with people. It’s what people love and fear about me. The reason I am this way is far too long and complicated toGet Real discuss in this blog. However, I find that it is very effective when communicating with Veterans regarding their VA disability claims. Generally, the Veterans I speak to want to be communicated with honestly about their cases.They have often lost trust with the VA, and just want to be told honestly what to expect. If we can’t help a client get service connected, I prefer to let them know right away rather then throw it all at the wall and see what sticks. Not all representatives are like that.

My ability to be blunt really applies to the VA backlog. Granted, a lot of people are paying attention to the VA right now, and so many people want you to believe that clearing up the backlog will change everything, but that is not likely going to happen. Just because your claim is no longer in a “backlog” doesn’t mean you are getting approved. It simply means that they made a decision. If you have to appeal your decision, request a hearing, or even go to the Court of Veterans Appeals, you are still in for a long wait. This backlog isn’t necessarily going away so much as it is moving.

Now, I am not here to blast the VA. Despite recent reports of some very disheartening practices, I believe they are mostly great people, many of which are former Veterans themselves. I just want to make it clear that no matter how many times the backlog is reported on CNN, or my personal favorite, The Daily Show, most Veterans still have a long wait ahead of them. This is especially evident with our Veterans who live in Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. I selected these three states as we work with them quite a bit. Simply put, it’s still taking them a while to release decisions. Those decisions that are coming out are not always favorable.

There are a lot people in the media trying to spin this story in either direction. All media is based on ratings. The better the story the higher ratings are, and the more they profit. I hate to quote The Hunger Games, but you have to “remember who the real enemy is.” In other words, be careful who you trust.  We work with the VA every day, and we know what to expect. We represent a lot of Veterans and want what is best for them.

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