What You Should Know About Individual Unemployability

As someone who is in the military or is planning to join, it is important that you familiarize yourself with Individual Unemployability. This is a policy that allows veterans to be compensated at a rate of 100% even though their injuries are not 100% disabling. It is usually given to veterans who haven’t been able to find gainful employment or cannot gain employment due to injuries that they received during their time in service. In case you are wondering what qualifies as gainful employment, the US Census Bureau says that if someone is not making $12,316 a year they are not gainfully employed.

If you think that you qualify for IU it is important that you find a VA lawyer that you can talk to. They will walk you through all the requirements and the steps that you should take in order to receive compensation. Remember, the military makes the rules and they can be quite stringent. You have, for example, to have received injuries that are considered 60% or more disabling. Military doctors are the ones who will determine the extent of your injuries.

As we have already mentioned IU is a complicated affair. If for example, you have a college education and have more than 60% disablement you may not qualify. This is because college graduates are considered able to work in sedentary jobs. You can only receive compensation if you have a mental condition that renders you unable to work such as PTSD.

In order to apply you can go to the eBenefits portal or go to your local VA, fill and submit the forms. You will be sent to an evaluator who will then give their recommendation. How fast you are given or denied compensation will depend on how backed up your local VA is – there are some that are so backed up that applicants have to wait for months.

If you don’t get it the first time you apply don’t give up. So long as you can show the VA that your injuries are more than 60% disabling and they affect your capacity to earn an income you will qualify.

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