Jan Dils To Team Up With Local Veterans Group

The third annual Walk4Vets is only a few months away…actually 139 days as of today. To say we are excited for this annual event is an understatement. We have been planningVeteran corp this celebration of Veterans since the last Walk in 2012.We took a year off to make it even better. While you may know that the Walk4Vets is September 13th, 2014, and that it will take place at the Parkersburg City Park, you may not know much about our benefactors. Well, that will all change now as you get to know the West Virginia University at Parkersburg Veterans Corps.

Who are they? According to their Facebook Page, the WVU-P Veterans Corps are committed to the success of Veterans and their families. They are made up of students from every branch of the military. The Veterans Corps are students, both traditional and non-traditional.

What is their mission? Once again, according to their Facebook page, “The Parkersburg Veterans Corps mission is to engage Veterans and dependents of veterans to develop camaraderie and to create opportunities for veterans within the school and outside in the community. We want to convey information, encourage, support, guide, and lead the veterans and their dependents on the path to higher education with intention to elevate knowledge and programs at West Virginia University at Parkersburg. We want to provide a military friendly organization as a means to bridge and unite the student veterans, active duty, National Guard, reservists, and dependents of those who have served.”

How did our relationship with the Veterans Corps start? It actually started simply enough. Late last year we launched the second book written by Jan Dils, “Getting the Veterans Benefits You Deserve.” It’s a great guide for any Veteran going through the VA process. I actually studied undergrad at WVU-P and recalled that the school has a Veterans Advocate. A quick phone call to the school to see if they would like some free copies of our book became much more.

What made us choose this group? Honestly, I don’t like the term benefactor because this group is more like a partner. Since meeting with this group a few short months ago, we have really joined forces to do the most good for local Veterans. To say we were impressed is an understatement. This group of male and female Veterans is truly dedicated to assisting other Veterans, not just the ones who happen to attend school

there. Within recent months the Veterans have started a charity to grant wishes to the children of local Veterans who happen to be disabled, they have organized a supply drive for local homeless Veterans, opened a new resource facility, participated in fundraisers, and attended local parades. Keep in mind that many of these individuals are participating in full time classes, jobs, and even serving in the National Guard, or Reserve units of their respective military branches.

Great leadership leads to great results. We were introduced to the Veterans Corps through their leader, Shawn Healy, who happens to be the Veterans Advocate for WVU-P. Shawn is a full time student; works for the school full time, and is currently serving in the West Virginia Amy National Guard. His passion and enthusiasm is only matched by his dedication to helping Veterans. The other students are quick to follow his lead. It is rare to find others who share our dedication to helping Veterans, and we are pleased that Shawn is leading this group of Veterans to help so many others.

Obviously the Veterans Corps at WVU-P is wonderful group to support. If you want to help us support them, then bring your friends to the 3rd Annual Walk4Vets. Like I mentioned before, we are only a few short months away. Registration only 10 bucks, and that includes an exclusive event t-shirt. The Walk will include a 5K, live music, children’s activities, and much more. To register, click here. To see photos from previous Walks, check out our Facebook page.

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