Improvements to My HealtheVet Will Ease Veterans’ Access

The VA’s online healthcare portal, My HealtheVet, is about to get a major facelift that will help veterans access their records, communicate with VA medical professionals and fill prescriptions more easily.

This revamp will include improvements based on information gathered through the American Customer Satisfaction Index, custom question sets and direct feedback from veteran user organizations.

The developments are in addition to the server change last year that made the website faster. Once completed, it’s the VA’s hope that My HealtheVet will be even more efficient with improved, more integrated core features like the ability to make appointments, see an overview of information on a dashboard-type page, easily access the portal via smartphone and more.

From secure messaging to tools that will help veterans better keep track of their medical results, the new My HealtheVet is designed to keep veterans informed and empowered over their health, making life a little easier for the individuals who have served our country.

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