How will I know when I am approved?

Our blog has been discussing the end process of Social Security, but something we have not mentioned is how the SSA lets you know you are approved. Well, like most things with Social Security, it involves a piece of paper.

You will receive an award letter, also called a Notice of Award. This is a letter from the SSA that answers most of the questions you will have, such as when you should expect payment, how much your payments will be, and information about any back pay you may receive.

Unlike most paperwork you receive from the SSA, this is one that you will look forward to receiving. One benefit to having an attorney like us is that we get copies of the Notice of Award (and all other paperwork too.) We review everything in house to make sure it is accurate. Further, when you have questions about the paperwork you receive, you can speak to someone who knows the process quite well. Also, when an action is required, like submitting evidence, or requesting a hearing, we take care of that too. Individuals working without an attorney will often let a deadline pass by mistake. Our firm has safeguards in place to make sure that does not happen.

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