How to Hunt (for jobs) Like a Veteran

Civilian life is different from military life, there’s no doubt about it. Some veterans have a hard time switching from the military lifestyle back into the civilian world. The lack of structure, the day to day monotony, and missing the close bond of fellow comrades, can be unsettling.

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One area that frequently gives veterans trouble is making the switch from camo to khaki. Job hunting is never fun, especially when you haven’t had to worry about making a resume or a LinkedIn page since you enlisted.

Here’s a few tips to make the job hunting process a little less painless.

  • Start Early– All branches of the military offer programs and classes on civilian work training. These classes probably won’t be the most exciting time of your life, but they will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of job hunting. If you’ve been in the service a while, the job market has changed quite a bit since you’ve filled out your last application.
  • Translate- Most hiring managers aren’t fluent in military lingo, so make sure you write your resume, application, and cover letter in a language non-military people can understand. Having a friend or family member who has no military knowledge proofread everything is a good idea.
  • Find a Friend- The bond with other soldiers you experienced while on duty can happen in the professional world too. There’s plenty of military networking groups and opportunities you can take advantage of. Veteran business owners love to hire veteran employees.
  • Make a Plan- The job hunting process can be overwhelming. If this happens to you, just take a step back and attack the problem with military precision. Define the problem, state your objective, create detailed steps to complete the process, then execute.
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