How Does the VA Determine a 70% Rating for PTSD?

Just like physical conditions, the VA evaluates mental conditions and assigns ratings due to their severity. In terms of service-connecting PTSD, a Veteran can receive a rating of 0%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 100%. Let’s discuss the &0% PTSD rating criteria to better understand the ratings.

A Veteran who is rated at 70% suffers from all of the symptoms assigned at 50%, but to a higher degree. Stressful circumstances prove especially difficult for the Veteran and impair areas such as work, school, and family. Failure to maintain relationships often manifests in the Veteran’s social life and maybe exemplified in marital problems, limited social life and difficulty maintaining employment, among others.

Furthermore, a Veteran at 70% may possess what VA law qualifies as “obsessional rituals” that interfere with daily life, as well as a lack of personal hygiene. The Veteran’s speech commonly becomes illogical, irrelevant or obscure.  The Veteran is prone to irritability, violence, depression, near-continuous panic and thoughts of suicide or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively. The Veteran struggles socially.

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