Homelessness Among Veterans


Though the VA is making major strides in eliminating homelessness among veterans, the statistics are still alarming: About 50,000 veterans are homeless on a given night in America, including approximately 12,700 who fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Of these numbers, approximately 10% are age 18-30, and 41% are 31-50 years of age.

The VA has concluded that many veterans are homeless as the result of poor living conditions and lack of access to affordable housing arrangements, unemployment or lack of a steady income, as well as lingering mental or physical health conditions. Unfortunately, these statistics don’t include the estimated 1.4 million additional veterans at risk of becoming homeless due to these factors.

In West Virginia, there are multiple resources available to homeless veterans and those at risk of becoming homeless. For a complete list, visit the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans website here: http://nchv.org/index.php/help/help-westvirginia/.

If you’re suffering from a lingering service-connected condition, you may be eligible for VA disability benefits. Having an experienced West Virginia Veterans Disability Attorney on your side can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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