Why Hire An Attorney For Your VA Disability Claim

Did you know Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law has over 50 team members dedicated to helping Veterans obtain their disability benefits?

Have you ventured to the market recently and been overwhelmed by the number of choices there are for each product? Ice cream is a good example. Most grocers have an aisle dedicated to ice cream. If you don’t have a specific flavor and brand in mind, you could be overcome with anxiety due to the large variety. How do you know which one to choose? Do you buy the high-end brand with the TV show host on the carton, or do you go with the less expensive, simply flavored bulk ice cream? Do you buy the branded flavor or the classic? The choices are seemingly endless. So why choose the expensive brand over the value brand? At the end of the day, aren’t they both ice cream?

And what does ice cream have to do with a VA Disability Attorney? Like ice cream, when you select a representative, your choices may seem endless, and it can seem overwhelming. Many Veterans want to know why they should consider choosing an attorney over a person or organization that doesn’t charge for their services.

There are various individuals, often referred to as Veteran Service Officers, and organizations, referred to as Veteran Service Organizations, that represent Veterans for free. Most are non-profits, and they do a lot of good work to help Veterans in a variety of situations, assisting Veterans with their GI Bill, VA home loans, burial arrangements, issues at VA Medical Centers and more. And they often don’t charge for their services. So, why would you hire an attorney when you can get free representation from a VSO? We can’t speak for all law firms, but we can tell you about the benefits of hiring Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law.

It takes a team

In our firm, no one person works on your case alone. We believe in hiring individuals to specialize in specific areas of your case. For instance, we have a team that focuses on leads, another that focuses on appeals, some that focus on medical reviews and, of course, we have our attorneys. Some may see this depth and worry about not making a personal connection with us, but that’s not the case. Every Veteran is assigned two case managers, and these individuals get to know each client quite well. The VA process is quite lengthy and, as a result, the case managers will be in contact with you frequently over the course of your case. Our case managers often get to know our clients on a personal level, keeping in touch even after their cases is complete.

Legal Backgrounds

Our attorneys and staff have dedicated large portions of their lives to studying law and learning the discipline. For someone to become an attorney, in most cases, they have to complete at least four years of college, and then attend law school.

C-Files: the truth is in there

A C-file is one of the most important aspects of your case. These files are often huge, and they can take a long time to review. C-files contain medical records from your time in service, your administration records, all of your VA medical records, and more. We don’t have an individual review these records, we have a team. This team is specially trained to review these records and find evidence to support your claim. They also look at past decisions rendered by the VA. They look for mistakes made in past decisions. At times, we’ve even been able to get Veterans service connected at a higher rating.

Vested Interest

Our firm does not charge anything upfront for our services. We only receive attorney fees if you’re approved for benefits. So, if your claims aren’t approved, we don’t receive attorney fees. We are only successful when we make sure your claim is successful.


Our firm has a network of doctors established to help get Veterans additional medical opinions. Those opinions can help Veterans get the disability benefits they deserve. Since our firm has been established for so many years, we have built great relationships with these doctors.

Since 2008, our firm has helped thousands of Veterans get the disability benefits they deserve. If you’d like to know more about the services we offer, call us today for a free consultation at 1-877-526-3457, or fill out this form so we can call you at a better time.

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