A Helpful Veterans Disability Attorney Can Aid Retired Servicemen

Serving your country as part of its illustrious military is one of the greatest honors to be had. While you will get the opportunity to help maintain peace and order, it can be a dangerous profession that puts you and your loved ones at risk. Even when you no longer serve in the military, you and whatever injuries (both physical and psychological) you bear could turn your civilian life upside down. Fortunately, the government looks out for its servicemen and women, and offers benefits to those who have long retired from service.

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is responsible for providing recompense to veterans. The restitution can be incredibly helpful to those previous servicemen and women who have yet to settle down into normalcy, maintain a proper job, or who have difficulty balancing their finances, among other things. It is also a way for veterans to pay for any medical treatments they might be receiving and still do. Those veterans looking to apply for benefits should work with a trusted veterans disability attorney such as Jan Dils and her team from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law for a worry-free claims process.

If you are a disabled veteran planning to claim your benefits, the first thing you will want to do is to preserve the date of your claim. You can do this by calling the VA and speaking with a legal administrative assistant that you wish to preserve the date of claim. When you are finally granted benefits, the payments will be retroactive in relation to the date of the claim, so it is important to perform this step as soon as possible.

Once you have preserved a date of claim for your veterans’ benefits, you will need to gather enough proof of your disability, as well as complete any paperwork required of you. This is where things can get very messy for claimants, and when the VA requests you to appear in a review, you will need to put your best foot forward to convince the authorities that you need the recompense. An experienced disability benefits lawyer will be useful to you, as the legal professional can submit your claim along with completed forms, represent you in the review, and help you walk through the complicated steps for claiming. If this is your first time applying, or even if you have failed in the past, an attorney could increase your chances of securing benefits.

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