Handling Your PTSD While Filing Your Claim

When Veterans face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they can find themselves overwhelmed with day-to-day life. Filing a claim for benefits may seem like too much to handle. Not only does the Veteran have to complete extensive paperwork, but often, the Veteran must relive traumatic experiences that induced the PTSD as they document their case.

Fight4Vets wants to assist our Veterans in any way possible. Our attorneys at Jan Dils have great resources and insight into filing claims for Veterans benefits. We can ensure you file a comprehensive application to help your claim be approved the first time you submit it. If you do find you need to file an appeal, we will walk you through each step and represent you in the appellant hearing.

Following are a few tips that we can offer to file a claim:

  • Do not hesitate to file a claim if you believe you suffer from service-related PTSD. The sooner you file, the sooner you will receive the benefits you need to cope.
  • If you face a financial crisis, you can submit evidence of the financial hardship that may expedite the processing of your claim.
  • Always respond quickly to any request from the VA and never miss deadlines.

Help for Handling PTSD from Fight4Vets

The process of submitting an application to the VA for Veterans benefits to assist in the treatment of PTSD can be complicated and stressful. The advocates at Fight4Vets take great pride in helping Veterans receive the benefits they deserve. Our attorneys recognize the challenges you face, and we have the legal resources to establish a viable and credible claim for you.

Contact Fight4Vets, a division of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, today for the best help you can receive.

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