Getting Life Insurance with PTSD

When you apply for life insurance, your entire medical history will be reviewed. If you have PTSD, it will almost always come up as a red flag when the insurance agent goes over your history.

With so many veterans developing PTSD, getting life insurance is getting a bit harder. Insurance companies typically don’t have a blanket rule that automatically rejects anyone with PTSD. The severity of the condition is what they care about.

PTSD is treated just like any other health risk. The insurer will want to know how long you’ve had the condition, what treatment you’re going through, and how it affects your life. If your PTSD creates too much risk for the insurer, they can deny your application.

The type of policy and amount of coverage you’re applying for will also be considered. Sometimes your PTSD will disqualify for a $1 million 50 year term life policy, but you can get a 25 year $500,000 plan.


If you think a private insurance company won’t approve you, the VA offers life insurance through their Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) plan.

Once you’ve separated from the military you have 1 year and 120 days to enroll in VGLI and this policy is good for as long as you pay your monthly premiums.  The VA does not require a medical evaluation to qualify for VGLI, so having PTSD won’t be a problem.  

The cost of monthly premiums depend on your age and are fairly affordable. If you have Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance while on active duty, you can switch that policy over to VGLI as long as you do so before the deadline.


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