Five Resources for Veterans Looking for Work

Looking for a job can be a frustrating process. However, there are organizations and resources designed to help veterans navigate their job searches successfully. Here are just a few.

The GI Bill

The GI Bill provides financial support programs for qualifying servicemembers, veterans, and their families who are pursuing educational opportunities. Whether you’re earning a degree, taking a professional training course, or registering for a test like the SAT or GRE, these programs may be able to help. And of course, furthering your education can give you qualifications that will benefit your job search.

Vet-Specific Job Boards

There are a number of job boards dedicated to posting positions relevant to veterans and their experience. Some of these include Hire Veterans, Hire Heroes USA, and Recruit Military, among others.

LinkedIn for Veterans

Networking and connecting with the professionals who are recruiting for the kinds of positions you’re interested in can be an important step when searching for a job. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for doing just that. And the site offers a free one-year Premium Careers subscription to qualifying veterans. The subscription offers features not available to those who register for a standard free account.

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is an organization that supports veterans as they transition from active service to civilian life. Among the many programs they offer to veterans is Warriors to Work, which provides resume assistance, connects veterans with local employers, supports employers interested in hiring veterans, and more.

Industry-Specific Organizations

Visit the website of the Veterans Association to learn about organizations that help veterans looking for jobs in specific industries. For example, Troops to Teachers, a U.S. Department of Education and Department of Defense program, helps eligible veterans begin careers as public school teachers. And Helmets to Hardhats provides assistance to veterans looking to build careers in construction.

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