The Facts About TDIU

Here’s what you need to know about TDIU, a benefit for veterans who can’t earn wages at the “substantially gainful” level due to service-connected disabilities.

  • TDIU is short for Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability. It’s also referred to as “IU” and “Unemployability”.
  • This amount is awarded to eligible veterans unable to earn above the substantially gainful wage level, yet have been evaluated at less than 100% schedular disability rating.
  • In order to qualify, veterans must be “unable to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation as a result of service-connected disabilities.”
  • Eligible veterans are awarded the 100% compensation level under TDIU.

How to qualify:

  • You can qualify based on your disability rating if you have either one service-connected disabling condition rated at least 60% or a combination of ratings totaling 70%. Under the second stipulation, one of your conditions must rate at least 40%. Regardless, you must have documented proof that your service-connected disability has rendered you completely unable to work.
  • In some situations, you can still qualify for TDIU without meeting the above rating requirements if your condition(s) renders you completely unable to work. This is what’s referred to as “extra-schedular TDIU.” While rarely awarded due to its nature and the fact that your claim must ultimately be granted by the Director of the VA Compensation and Pension Service in Washington, DC, this works best for you if you meet the maximum rating for your condition but don’t meet the above qualifications.

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