Does a Veteran get Expedited Treatment for a Social Security Claim?

A gentleman called me on the phone sounding really unsure about whether he should apply for Social Security Veteran get Expedited Treatmentbenefits.  He served in the Gulf War and had a bomb explode right beside him while he was performing a field safety check.  The hospital was able to remove most of the shrapnel from his arms, legs, and face.  However, the pain in his legs is so bad that sitting and standing is almost unbearable.  I explained that he had nothing to be ashamed of and many people who have worked their whole lives apply for disability benefits.  Still sounding unsure, he felt that since he had served his country and endured the injuries of war, there was not a logical reason why he could not hold down a job.  Besides, his friends had told him, it could be months, or years, before he even got disability benefits and he could not have his family suffer financially for that long.

Again, I told him he had nothing to be ashamed of if he wanted to apply for benefits.  He had provided a great service to his country.  As such, if he was not able to work that was what disability was for.  As a GulfWar Veteran, Social Security would expedite his claim.  Under Wounded Warriors, any military Veteran that served and was injured after October 1, 2001, regardless of where they were stationed, is entitled to expedited processing of their disability claim.  It is very important that the claimant states somewhere on the application, or during the initial process, that they served during this period.  I also explained that expedited treatment did not guarantee him an approval but it would definitely speed up the processing of his claim.

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