Claiming Benefits with the Aid of Capable Veterans Disability Attorney

An editorial on the Newsday website dated January 15, 2014 discusses the need to efficiently reorganize the process of filing for veterans’ benefits. The fact is that veterans have to wait for hundreds of days for their claims to even be processed, and that there’s no guarantee if their claims will even be approved. The article notes that the Department of Veterans Affairs has plans to overhaul their filing processes, which can mean both good news and bad news for veterans:

“That will change if a controversial new rule under consideration by the Department of Veterans Affairs is implemented. Veterans would be required to use only official VA forms to initiate disability claims and appeals. And filing online would be the only way to preserve the date they initiated the process as the start date for retroactive payments. Some veterans groups, including Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion, fear that change will cost disabled veterans, particularly older ones uncomfortable with digital technology, thousands of dollars in retroactive benefits. To avoid that VA officials should continue to start the benefit clock for vets whose service ended decades ago, even if their first application is on paper and incomplete.”

Even if the Department of Veterans Affairs manages to standardize and modernize the claims application process, it still won’t guarantee applicants the benefits due to them. However, those denied benefits shouldn’t lose hope. With a knowledgeable veterans disability attorney at their side, veterans can appeal to have their claims reconsidered.

Formal appeals aren’t just second chances for veterans wanting to receive their benefits; they’re also perfect for those who feel that the remuneration they received isn’t enough. Veterans can request for a personal hearing in order to better articulate their appeal. For this part of the process, veterans might want to seek aid from legal firms such as Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, LC for an experienced disability benefits lawyer who can serve as a legal representative.

(Source: Editorial: Time to streamline how vets file disability claims,, January 15, 2014)

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