Celebrating Our Women Veterans This Month and Beyond

Fifteen Women Veteran Trailblazers were selected and honored on March 6 at the Women in Military Service for America (WIMSA) Memorial, Arlington, Virginia. These are just a few of the stories and examples of the amazing sacrifices and accomplishments that women Veterans contribute every day. They have served on and off the battlefield, on the frontlines and continue to serve. We hope their inspiring stories will connect and encourage the almost two million women Veterans who have their own stories to identify as a Veteran. Our goal is that every woman Veteran identifies as a Veteran and seeks out the VA benefits and services they have rightfully earned.

Millitary Women Kissing A Child

In honor of our Center for Women Veterans (CWV), the VA will hold a health transitioning pilot program throughout this month into April.

The Women’s Health Services Office at the Department of Veterans Affairs, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, is hosting a Women’s Health Transition Training. The training will provide servicewomen with a deeper understanding of the women’s health services available to them within the VA healthcare system. The course will cover the following:

  • The transformed culture of the VA for both male and female patients
  • Range of women’s health and mental healthcare services and available benefits
  • Eligibility for and enrollment in VA healthcare
  • Expectations for women to proactively seek healthcare services post-separation
  • Logistical details such as facility structure, locations and points of contact

I have a mother-in-law who was a nurse during WWII; I have a friend who is in the reserves and was deployed in North Carolina during the hurricanes with three children at home. Many of our team members here at Jan Dils are Veterans. Want to learn more about taking care of our heroic women? Please contact Dr. Nancy Maher, Program Manager of the VA Women’s Health Transition Training Pilot, at [email protected].

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