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Industry News

Doctors Having Issues with VA Choice Program

The long waits at VA health clinics aren’t a secret. The inefficiencies have been widely published and the criticism has been sharp. In an effort to curb the long waits, the VA introduced the Choice Program a few years ago....
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The Longest VA Appeal

Plenty of veterans have struggled with long battles with the VA, but few, if any, have battled longer than Ivan Figueroa. For more than 30 years Figueroa has been appealing, filing, haggling, and arguing with the VA. [caption id="" align="alignright"...
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Veteran Fights for Free Parking and Win

In Florida the law states that disabled veterans are allowed to park at airports for free. When Lou Hockel, a disabled veteran, caught wind of this law he was excited, and a little skeptical. He was planning on flying out...
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VA Benefits for Vets Living Abroad

While serving in the military and traveling from base to base, some veterans fall in love with another country or region of the world. Once they get discharged, some of these veterans actually choose to live abroad in one of...
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Secretary McDonald Proposes Changes

By now anyone who follows any halfway credible news outlet is aware of the VA backlog. The secret is out, and everyone has an opinion about how to fix it. VA Secretary Bob McDonald recently took his opinion to Congress....
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VA Choice Program Eligibility Expanded

The VA has announced changes have been made to the Choice Program that will give better access to healthcare to more than 100,000 veterans. The Choice Programs allows veterans to get medical treatment from private health facilities, paid for by...
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Agent Orange List Expanded

During the Vietnam War the United States military engaged in chemical warfare to cut off the enemy's food supply. The military dumped almost 21 million gallons of Agent Orange on parts of rural Vietnam between 1961-1971. While this program was...
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Transportation Programs for Veterans

There are a wide range of benefits available to veterans. From healthcare and monetary benefits to housing and loans, veterans have lots of options for help. VA healthcare has been a hot topic in the past years because of the...
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Aid and Attendance Benefits

Navigating through the maze of veterans benefits can confuse just about anyone. Knowing which benefit is right for your disability and how to apply for that benefit is an intimidating task. Sadly, because of this confusion many veterans overlook benefits...
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Vets Not Getting the Help They Need

There are almost 22 million living veterans in the United States. To put things in perspective, the current population of the United States is roughly 318 million. With a fairly large percentage of citizens being veterans, one would hope that...
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