How Can A PTSD Claims Attorney Help You?


By now, even laypeople are familiar with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which include insomnia, depression, hypertension, and difficulty functioning in certain social settings, among many others. These symptoms can wreak such psychological and physical havoc on sufferers that in severe cases, they are unable to work or leave the home without great discomfort. PTSD has been recognized as a psycho-biological mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association since 1980. Many sufferers can be helped with therapy and medication. But because of PTSD’s often delayed nature, treatment can be a lengthy prospect.

While anyone is capable of developing PTSD, the vast majority of its sufferers are veterans returning from combat situations. Since PTSD is arguably an example of a injury received in the workplace, it’s understandable that veterans would assume that their “boss” would pay for their treatment, in addition to offering other benefits. And the good news is that in recent years, the military has become far more receptive to honoring PTSD claims and offering benefits to sufferers. But it’s still up to these individuals to file these claims, and the process can be daunting and confusing. The Veterans Administration has recently expanded its criteria as to whom might be eligible for PTSD assistance. This is why a PTSD claims attorney can help clients with not only determining eligibility, but:

  • filing documents for disability compensation
  • obtaining private medical opinions
  • legally protecting clients trying to return to the workplace

Because of the rapid expansion of scenarios now covered by the Veteran Administration’s compensation, individuals may not be aware that they are entitled to PTSD veteran benefits from exposure to non-combat situations, or for being a victim of sexual assault. A PTSD claims attorney can help these and other sufferers by refilling denied claims, and obtaining medical opinions, both with the VA and the Social Security Administration. They can also help clients and their families with financial resources for housing, food, and medical treatment while these claims are pending.

After sacrificing so much to serve their country, PTSD sufferers shouldn’t suffer the loss of their veteran benefits, as well. That’s why they should contact a PTSD claims attorney today to see how to secure the medical and financial assistance they need to help them on the road to recovery.

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