Can I Service Connect for Alcoholism Through the VA?

Are you able to get service-connected for Alcoholism? This may be a common thought or question that a veteran may be thinking and want an answer.  When a veteran’s alcoholism and/or drug abuse disability is secondary to or is even aggravated by a service-connected disorder, the veteran may be entitled to disability compensation.   An example would be if a veteran is service-connected for PTSD or Depression. If a veteran is service-connected to PTSD and/or Depression and has possibly became addicted to alcohol or drugs, they may be eligible for compensation.

A veteran may not get service-connected for alcoholism and/or drug abuse if he or she used it in a result to their own willful misconduct. This means if a veteran misuses alcohol and/or drug abuse, he or she may receive a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge. Therefore, you will not be eligible for any types of disability compensation.

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