Can I Service Connect for a Back Condition?

Attorney and Client DiscussionIn order to receive service connection for a back condition, you must show that you injured your back while on active duty or had a pre-existing back condition which was aggravated while on active duty.  When evaluating your back condition, the VA uses what is called Range of Motion to measure how disabled your back is.  A Veteran can get rated on a cervical, thoracolumbar spine condition.  The thoracolumbar spine condition may include a sacral condition.

The lowest rating for a back condition is 0% and the highest is 100%.  The most common rating for a severe back condition we see at the firm is 40%.  In order to receive a higher rating of 50%, the VA examiner must find unfavorable ankylosis of the entire thoracolumbar spine.  For a 100% rating, the VA examiner must find unfavorable ankylosis of the entire spine.

When a veteran reaches a rating of 40% on a back condition, we tend to leave it alone because the VA examiner could find an improved range of motion and the veteran could get a decrease in his or her service-connected compensation.

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