Reduce VA Disability Complications by Working With an Attorney

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides benefits for Veterans who served in the U.S. military and to their dependents. These benefits include healthcare, disability compensation, pensions, education, home loans, life insurance, burial benefits, caregiver support, vocational rehabilitation, counseling, homeless services, and small business support.

This list is comprehensive and serves as a great aid to those who have given so graciously to our country. Yet the process of obtaining these benefits is not as simple as one might imagine. So how complicated is it to secure VA benefits? The experienced Veterans benefits lawyers at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law will explain the basics during an initial consultation – and we can work with any Veterans across the country!

Why Should You Consider Hiring a VA Disability Lawyer?

When it comes to getting the Veterans disability benefits you deserve, the process itself can be daunting. From filing a formal request, to completing interviews, providing evidence, and ultimately awaiting a decision, this can take an average of 8-12 months to complete. These timelines can be frustrating, especially if you the need the assistance right now. Our team knows that the process can seem defeating, but we are here to reduce the complications and help avoid any potential delays.

How Can Jan Dils Help You Obtain Your Earned VA Benefits?

While VA benefits can be generous, we know that the Agency has a record of denying claims that are based on real disabilities, and the best way to avoid this is through finding the right attorney. Our Veterans’ disability lawyers can help you through every stage of the process, from filing the initial claim to appealing a denial and representing you at hearings. We want to help Veterans navigate the complexities of disability claims with the VA so they can feel confident that their application meets Agency standards.

We will work with you so all your documents are in order and that you understand the key aspects of your application. We look for potential problems that might cause the application to be denied and fix them as needed.

Learn How Our VA-Accredited Lawyers Can Reduce Complications With Your Disability Application

Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law is committed to ensuring you get the support you deserve when applying for benefits. Our experienced team of lawyers knows how to simplify the process and reduce the risk of complications. You have sacrificed much for this country and deserve the benefits that are owed to you.

Please contact us and set up a consultation. Applying for VA benefits will be less complicated when you work with a devoted advocate.

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