Veteran's Disability Blog

The 5 Most Common Issues Veterans Have with Dependents

It takes a long time for a VA Disability claim to get approved. It’s safe to say...

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Agent Orange Ship

Agent Orange Ship List Updated Again

Veterans who served in Vietnam have something referred to as Presumptive Conditions. There is a list of...

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Taking another look at the VA Disability Timeline

For many Veterans, getting your VA disability compensation can seem overwhelming. Through my experience, most individuals aren’t...

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Pilots Service Connect for PTSD

The Evolution of Combat: How a New Generation of Pilots Service Connect for PTSD

One of the great things about working for Jan Dils is that we all love to share stories. When...

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How I learned to truly appreciate Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day, and to a lot of people that means a lot of different things. For...

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Vietnam Veterans

House Bill Seeks to Expand Agent Orange Presumptive Benefits to Blue Water Vietnam Veterans

  There is a lot of talk right now about a bill that passed the House involving...

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Finding the Right VA Attorney

How Finding the Right VA Attorney is like Finding the Right Car Dealer

I’m car shopping right now, and it is becoming rather difficult for me because I change my...

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You Had One Job…and here is how it impacts your VA Disability Claim

One thing that separates my blog apart from all of the other VA disability blogs is that...

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Better Call Jan VA

Better Call Jan: 10 Things Veterans Need to Know About Hiring a VA Disability Attorney

When most people think of lawyers images of Matlock, Elle Woods, or even that fella from TMZ...

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5 Real Issues All Veterans Need to Know About the VA Disability Timeline

When you have been involved in VA disability for as long as I have, your start to...

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